Visit Lucca

Discover Lucca and its surroundings

Discover Lucca and its beauties. The city of Lucca is a diamond in the heart of Tuscany: each of its facets is a surprise for first-time visitors to its medieval center enclosed by ancient walls, or a confirmation for those returning to the alleys of the town.

Lucca is history, art, and music to the tunes of Master Puccini’s works: come and discover it.

A Medieval Village

Among the many villages in Italy and Tuscany, Lucca is a must-visit: immerse yourself in its characteristic winding streets, discover step by step its historical buildings and beautiful views.

A City of Historic Buildings

Lucca's wealth does not end with its famous walls. In the city, you can admire and visit many historic buildings rich in history that will allow you to relive entire eras. Some examples? The Cathedral of Lucca, with the legend of the Holy Face of Lucca, or the Guinigi Tower, one of the most peculiar towers in the world with a garden of holm oaks on its top.

Visiting the Walls

12 meters high and 30 meters wide: the famous walls of Lucca are known worldwide, a magnificent defensive complex that has remained intact to this day. A must-visit, they are the second longest walls in Europe. And do not miss the underground paths scattered throughout the ancient walls!

Lucca of the 100 Churches

Lucca is also known as the "city of a hundred churches," due to the presence of numerous religious buildings from different eras within its walls. This is because, in addition to the official churches, every noble palace has its private chapel.

Walking Among the Ramparts

On the walls of Lucca, you can walk for 4km among trees and magnificent views of the landscape. Through its staircases, it is possible to delve into the city streets. Not to forget the great medieval bastions, now wonderful parks.

Piazza Anfiteatro

A true testimony of ancient times, Piazza Anfiteatro is among the most famous in Italy. Its elliptical shape tells us its story: it was indeed built on the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheater (2nd century AD).

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