In the heart of Tuscany

Be enchanted by Tuscany

Tuscany holds some of the most beautiful villages and natural treasures in the world.

Lucca is just one of the destinations you can visit. The city is indeed located halfway between the seaside town of Viareggio, the green mountains of Garfagnana, Lake Massaciuccoli, the vineyards of the Montecarlo hills, and many other beautiful places.


Among the many villages of Italy and Tuscany, Lucca is a must-visit: immerse yourself in its characteristic winding streets, discover step by step its historical buildings and beautiful views. Only 800 m from the Camper Campground.

The Sea of Versilia

Versilia is the north-western part of Tuscany, included in the province of Lucca. It's known mainly for seaside tourism: Versilia is indeed one of the most appreciated tourist destinations by those who love the sea. 30 Km from the Camper Campground.


Florence is one of the most important cities in Italy and the world. A cradle of history and culture, it is an unmissable destination for anyone visiting Tuscany. Be conquered by its streets with a unique physiognomy, discover its picturesque views. Enjoy its parks and outdoor spaces. And, of course, treat yourself to exciting tours among the monuments and museums of this city that never ceases to amaze. 80 km from the Camper Campground.


Barga is the most famous locality of Garfagnana, known not only for its history but also for its landscapes and by outdoor activity enthusiasts. Barga is a multi-faceted village that can fascinate every type of visitor. Recognized as a place of important cultural, historical, and artistic heritage, it is included in the list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and awarded the recognitions of Città Slow and the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club. 38 km from the Camper Campground.

Devil's Bridge

The Ponte della Maddalena, known as the Devil's Bridge, is one of the most curious constructions in the area between Lucca and Garfagnana. Its profile is peculiar, with a large semicircular arch flanked by three smaller arches. Over time, this structure has given rise to many hypotheses about its construction, and... even a particular legend. 22 km from the Camper Campground.

Sant'Anna di Stazzema

Sant’Anna di Stazzema is a place of immense historical importance, known for the massacre that was committed there by German soldiers during World War II. Today it is a place of history and memory: you can go there on foot on the road that leads to the small village of just over 50 inhabitants.

Massaciuccoli and Its Lake

A few kilometers from Lucca is a town to discover. Located between the hills of Massarosa and the lake that takes its name from the town, in Massaciuccoli you can discover culture, art, and beautiful views. 14 km from the Camper Campground.

Castelnuovo Garfagnana

Castelnuovo is the capital of Garfagnana, rich in history, art, good food, and landscapes. The medieval village offers many experiences to live for those who love nature as well as those seeking history and culture. 47 km from the Camper Campground.


Pisa and its famous Leaning Tower are a destination that cannot be missed in your trip. The Tower is so famous that it has become one of the most recognizable symbols of Italy. It was one of the four Maritime Republics, the birthplace of Galileo Galilei, and is home to the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa: a city made of history and culture. And why not: after visiting its museums and monuments, such as the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, it is always possible to go to Marina di Pisa for a refreshing swim. 30 km from the Camper Campground.

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